Guided Fishing On The Rogue River In Oregon Was Spectacular!

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It was looking like a Rogue River guided fishing trip wasn’t going to be in the cards for us before leaving Oregon this year. But in the final days before leaving the beautiful Rogue River area, all the pieces fell into place and fishing on the Rogue for salmon and steelhead became a reality.

And thanks to the flexibility of Ron Rawlins, our absolutely amazing Rogue River fishing guide, I ended up spending not one, but two evenings of high action guided fishing on the Rogue with my two ecstatic young ladies. Yet another mother-daughter memory for our magical Oregon summer.

The reason I had been unable to just grab a guide and go was due to two primary challenges I had while trying to find a Rogue River fishing guide…

First, most guided fishing on the Rogue River is from boats built for 2 passengers plus the fishing guide. That meant either paying double for two full days on the Rogue or one daughter staying home. And since they both were chomping at the bit to pull in a big steelhead or experience the fight of their life with a salmon, I was in a quandary.

Second, as I began calling around and engaging some of the fishing guide services in conversation, I could tell that their strength wasn’t exactly with shall we say the “female or the under 10 year old crowd.” My wonderful husband doesn’t bark orders at me or the girls, so I certainly wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the potential of paying a fishing guide for the privilege. LOL

Then I stumbled across the kind folks at Orange Torpedo in Merlin, OR and immediately they put me in touch with Ron Rawlins at Rogue Guide Service who has been running guided fishing on the Rogue River for 20+ years!

But on top of it, this expert Rogue fishing guide just so happens to spend his days as a local school teacher!

We’d truly hit the jackpot finding Ron who delights in teaching in addition to finding all the hot spots on the Rogue to keep his customers reeling them in – no matter what their experience level. We immediately felt a connection with Ron – they kind where you know that you’ll be back to fish with him every year and even take a trip out of your way to do so. His expertise and service is the kind that you don’t let slip out of your life when you find it when you travel on the road full-time.

Additionally, Ron solved my challenges in needing to setup a fishing trip with both daughters by splitting our adventure over two evenings and that worked out just perfect. I got a special evening alone with each daughter and both had their moment to shine while pulling in the big ones as you can see pictured here. Not to mention Ron was Morgan’s hero since he let her play with the worms to her heart’s content!

More important than anything else though – it was clear that Ron’s love of the sport far exceeds simply being in the business of guided fishing on the rogue river.

Every time one of us got a strike, Ron was every bit as excited as each of us and THAT is what the joy of fishing in Oregon meant to me as we packed away our memories and headed south for the winter… saying goodbye to the all the magic that Oregon and fishing on the Rogue provided.

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One Response to Guided Fishing On The Rogue River In Oregon Was Spectacular!

  • Chuck DNo Gravatar says:

    Yep, fishing here is great. Going back again this year near the end of July. Glad you got some big’ns.
    Have Phun

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