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It was funny – when this month’s FOTR Blog Carnival topic was announced and my husband and I heard the word “toys” – both of us immediately thought it was referring to the “big kids” toys – of the ATV and golf cart variety!

Undoubtedly, because we’re both kids at heart too and the toys we have on the road are every bit as fun as the barbies, zhu zhu pets and gazillion stuffed animals that seem to multiply on their own when we are not looking.

Of course, toys – of any sort – immediately bring to mind thoughts of the ultimate premium for life on the road and that’s STORAGE! So while we do the typical bin rotations, giving away old toys to Goodwill, etc., I wanted to focus this post more on our solution for STORING our toys, rather than the toys themselves and I hope it may help many of you who have similar storage dilemmas.

In large part, we solved our storage problem by buying a 20 foot cargo trailer – so in many ways, we have more storage than most. But then again, a motorhome is like a purse – the bigger the purse the more you fill it up with things you “must” put in that purse – even if the prior one was half the size!

When it came time to upgrade to our 2nd motorhome after our first two years on the road – we put a great deal of thought and planning into storage. Realizing how little we had in our first 37 foot coach, and assessing what we all wanted to have with us for our respective hobbies and passion – we decided a cargo trailer was the solution when we upgraded to our new motorhome last year. And now, I happily tow the cargo trailer with our Excursion SUV while Greg drives the Motorhome! And we look like a caravan heading down the road – but hey – it works for us and I tell everyone we get 20 mpg – 9mpg in the MH PLUS 11mpg in the Excursion!

Of course, even with all the space, we are still packed to the gills – but it still allows for a great deal of opportunity for mommy’s penchant for organization. Before the golf cart and Rhino ATV were ever loaded into the trailer, I camped out for hours at a local Lowes and discovered the amazing Gladiator Wall System.

It works based upon strips of wall tracks with grooves to hold all types of shelves, caddy’s, bins, and even ceiling to floor cabinets in several varieties. The “ball cady” shown here is where we store all the stuffed animals – and it’s perfect for the task!

The beauty of the system are these  little gizmos that you can hook into the panels and move around to suit any need. There are over 30 different types of hook that are inserted into the wall track and can hold everything from bikes to tools, to bins and wire baskets.

So we make good use of the multitude of hooks for everything from hanging hoses, extension cords and Christmas lights to the bigger stuff like Greg and the girls’ metal detectors and the sluice box.

And the best part of all is that this entire system is lightweight – so adding it inside motorhome walls, toy hauler’s or even cargo trailers doesn’t tip the scales!


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