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Good Sam Extended Service Plan RV Warranty Saves Us Again

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I believe extended warranties are an indispensable part of full-time RV living, but as I’ve also come to find out first hand – not all extended warranty companies are created equal.

We have just had our 2nd experience with making a claim under our Good Sam ESP RV Warranty and I am so impressed and relieved to know that our choice in selecting Good Sam was a solid one. But even more important than the financial benefits (2 claims and it’s paid for itself) I no longer am stressing over denied claims and fighting tooth and nail just to get action.

When we purchased our first motorhome, we took the extended warranty from the dealer. Owning a motorhome was a  brand new  adventure, and while we spent a great deal of time finding the motorhome of our dreams, it hadn’t even occured to us to shop around and compare warranty protection. We figured they were all about the same and if the dealer was recommending it, they likely knew more than we did.

And truth be known, I don’t even remember the warranty company’s name – all I know is that every time we had a service center attempt to get a claim processed, it was denied. And each time the denial became more absurd. One time they even told us that we only had the “basic” coverage instead of the premium package we purchased and blamed it on the dealer for sending them the wrong paperwork. Despite the fact that they had sent us a binder with all the premium coverages outlined when we first enrolled.

But those days are behind us now, with lessons learned like so many experiences that come with living on the road. With our current Good Sam coverage, I can rest well knowing that we are in good hands and have protection as well enjoy a stress free existence when the inevitable RV repair needs arise.

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