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It was funny – when this month’s FOTR Blog Carnival topic was announced and my husband and I heard the word “toys” – both of us immediately thought it was referring to the “big kids” toys – of the ATV and golf cart variety!

Undoubtedly, because we’re both kids at heart too and the toys we have on the road are every bit as fun as the barbies, zhu zhu pets and gazillion stuffed animals that seem to multiply on their own when we are not looking.

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Dollar Store Perfect For Reducing Closet Clutter When Full-Time RVing

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Ok, so my family (mainly Greg and Morgan) think I have an unhealthy obsession with plastic bins. Just because I can’t walk through Walmart without visiting the aisle that has all those bins neatly stacked and calling my name… well – maybe I’ll cop to fascination, but NOT obsession.

Regardless, I believe that an organized RV is a happy RV and that old adage that Mom always taught is alive and well!

A place for everything an everything in its place!

Now, one thing I’ve learned through the years is that cutting corners on the quality of the big bins – especially those in the basement – is not cost effective, because the weather will surely make them take a beating. But the same is not necessarily true when it comes to my, uh, “fascination,” with little teeny tiny bins. These don’t have to be industrial strength, and the Dollar Store is just the ticket when a cupboard or closet is collecting clutter and crying out for a bin to solve it all.

So when Daddy and Morgan are otherwise pre-occupied with something, Marina (my partner in a clutter free America) and I will make a break for the nearest Dollar Store to see what we can find. What’s really wonderful about these shopping trips is that the measuring tape can be left at home.

We are after little plastic storage containers of just about any shape or size, because if we get a varied enough selection – everything we get can eventually be put to good use somewhere in some little nook or cranny. So the key is to go for variety – long, tall, skinny, with or without covers – everything is fair game. One time we even grabbed these long thin little guys and almost put them back, thinking they were just too oddball for a good use – and it turned out that they became our favorite gems to tuck in between those gaps in our bathroom cupboard that were unused wasted space.

What is also so fun is how many bins you can actually get for $1. If you hit the right store, it’s not unusual that they are packaged in quantities of 2 and 4 per pack – so you are getting these storage wonders for a mere $0.25 cents a piece! I mean – who could resist a deal like that?

And remember, if you stock up and have any that you don’t immediately have a use for… well, just put them in one of the big plastic bins for later!!! LOL

Are you the one in your RVing family who de-clutters the world or are you the one that others have to run around after? Please have fun with it and share you comments, tips or suggestions!

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