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We are getting ready to wrap up a month in Baker City, a small Oregon town that has provided huge opportunities for our entire family since we arrived in town.

During our stay here, we had the good fortune to be in town for the Baker County Fair and the Union County Grassroots festival, as well as the peak farmer’s market season – and we’ve taken full advantage of the cornucopia of activities that presented themselves when we least expected it.

For years we’ve visited state and county fairs in our travels and Marina and Morgan have always marveled at the ribbons on display in the exhibit halls. Until this stop in Baker City however, we never seemed to be in town at the right time to both enter craft projects as well as be there to pick them up after the fair was over. So we previously remained fair visitors with the promise from mommy that one day we’d be in the right place at the right time to enter our projects.

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Donkeys, General Patton And Learning On The Road Less Traveled

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So what do Donkeys and General George S. Patton have in common?

They are representative of our family’s “unschooling” approach to learning on the road through natural life experience as opposed to the confines of a traditional classroom. I mean, how many of our daughter’s public school counterparts can say that they’ve fed a donkey and sat on General Patton’s WWII tank all in the same day?

And further, how often would you have an opportunity on a typical family vacation to trip over a tiny Arizona town like Bouse (population 630) that was so far off the beaten path that the top top secret maneuvers at Camp Bouse were not even publicly listed with the dozen other training camps back in the day. I haven’t seen any traditional history text books lately, but my guess is this desert oasis doesn’t even merit a footnote, let alone a class field trip.

One Part Socialization, One Part Education, and One Part Recreation – Stir It All Together & Watch Them Grow!

On this special day of unschooling, Marina & Morgan met up with our dear friends Michelle, Derrick and their daughters Michaela & Riona (whom we initially met thanks to Families On The Road.)

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Time4Learning Provides Roadschooling Curriculum Balance

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I don’t know whether I like Time4Learning better or the girls do – but in either case, it’s one of the best referrals we received this past winter from another family we met on the road.

While there is no question that Marina and Morgan get an incredible education on the road and as a homeschooling family, we are always looking for learning opportunities around every turn.

But last Winter, when I discovered Time4Learning it was a natural compliment to our already well rounded home school efforts. And because it is so proficient in making use of technology, it was a no brainer for us to give it a go. Combining learning with fun educational teaching games, this site soon became a favorite in the Mulac household.

The focus is on language arts, math, science and social studies and the lessons, quizzes and tests are so compelling, it’s almost addictive. I remember reading on their forum once that the “biggest problem,” some parents face is getting their children to take a break and not over-do it. So I laugh every time I tell the girls – “why don’t you quit for a while and go out and get some fresh air and play!” Yes – they do love it that much!

Which means for me – and the ease of the reporting, automated grading and record keeping – it’s a true winner!

Now, they don’t exactly have a referral link per se, but what you can do in order to qualify for a free 30 day trial – is CLICK HERE and fill out your own name and email on the top part of the form. In the last field – put my name: Stephanie Mulac and you will then receive an email to your inbox with details on how to take advantage of your one month free trial.

There are so many features, you’ll want to test drive it yourself and watch how effective it is in holding the attention of your home schoolers – it’s just amazing and a great deal of fun on top of it all!

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