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Is The ‘Road Less Traveled’ Family Friendly?

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So the subject of family friendly campgrounds has come up again in topics of conversation amongst our full-time RVing friends.

To explore this topic, several of us have posted our experiences here – both good and bad – and I’d also like to share my take on the subject for you here today because my theory is that the problem may not lie entirely with the age of your offspring but rather the age of their parent’s yes, YOU! But more on that in a moment as our story unfolds.

To begin with, let me say that by and large, in our travels over the past 3 -1/2 years, we have run into very few locations that were not welcoming to kids. After all, by virtue of the fact that “camping” is a family activity, it only stands to reason that campgrounds are going to have a few little sprites delightfully running around and for the most part as long as a campground isn’t designated as a 55+ community, we’ve found little problems using some basic common sense when scoping out our next spot.

But on the flip side of many great experiences, we have one particular nightmare of a story under our belt as well and this is where it gets interesting…

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Final Preparations To Get On The Road To Oregon As Summer Calls Our Name

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As the temperatures have started to rise toward 100 degrees here in Quartzsite, AZ over the past few weeks, we’ve heard the call of summer and started to finalize plans for our trip north and the new adventures that will lie ahead.

It’s amazing how fast the winter has flown by and as the tarps have come down on our tent/playroom/hobby workshop, we are scrambling to finalize all the last minute details as we prepare to hit the road. (Including the whopping 10 new tires that are being put on the motorhome and the Excursion before we leave town. Ugh)

This summer, one of our early targets is Astoria, Oregon for the Fulltime Families rally and the first time in a long time that we’ve had to be somewhere on a specific date.

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Portable Induction Cooktop Perfect For Full-Time RV Living

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I have fallen in love with magnetic induction technology and what it’s done for the efficiency in our RV kitchen and outdoor cooking. And if you’ve never seen an induction cooktop in action, be prepared to be blown away.

During the gem & craft show earlier this year at the AVI Casino in Laughlin, NV, I happened by a cooking demonstration booth. What caught my attention was NOT the $6,000 worth of a zillion pots and pans that the vendor wanted to sell me (can we say “snow to an eskimo?”), but rather the cooktop that he was doing his demonstrations on. Now THAT was worth spending a few moments hearing his spiel.

I had heard about magnetic induction about a year earlier, but never got to see it up close and personal and within a few minutes, I knew this cool little gem was going to find its way into our motorhome kitchen as a permanent tool.

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