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Donkeys, General Patton And Learning On The Road Less Traveled

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So what do Donkeys and General George S. Patton have in common?

They are representative of our family’s “unschooling” approach to learning on the road through natural life experience as opposed to the confines of a traditional classroom. I mean, how many of our daughter’s public school counterparts can say that they’ve fed a donkey and sat on General Patton’s WWII tank all in the same day?

And further, how often would you have an opportunity on a typical family vacation to trip over a tiny Arizona town like Bouse (population 630) that was so far off the beaten path that the top top secret maneuvers at Camp Bouse were not even publicly listed with the dozen other training camps back in the day. I haven’t seen any traditional history text books lately, but my guess is this desert oasis doesn’t even merit a footnote, let alone a class field trip.

One Part Socialization, One Part Education, and One Part Recreation – Stir It All Together & Watch Them Grow!

On this special day of unschooling, Marina & Morgan met up with our dear friends Michelle, Derrick and their daughters Michaela & Riona (whom we initially met thanks to Families On The Road.)

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Halloween Fright Fest At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Was A Scream!

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The day, the weather and the company couldn’t have been more perfect for our trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and their annual Fright Fest celebration. The night before, the girls and I made orange and black Halloween t-shirts with glitter iron-on designs we bought at Michael’s. (Super high-quality designs for the price, I might add!)

So bright and early (ok, it was 10:30 am – but for Morgan that’s the crack of dawn) we got into our Halloween wear and Marina sent a text to our two guests – Jackie & Cinty – that we were ready to roll. Of course, the girls’ friends were waiting outside before I even got the door of our motorhome open – everyone was pretty excited to say the least.

The girls all met earlier in the summer at Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville, and have stayed in close contact all summer. The reunion was fun enough, but when we surprised them and offered to treat them to a day at the park with us – they were almost speechless.

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Amusement Park Annual Passes Even Provide Great Value To Families On The Road

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At least once every summer we indulge our amusement park affinity and pick a park in close proximity to a campground where we will be staying for a few weeks.

One thing I’ve learned through the years is that annual passes are not just for locals and can be a huge cost savings if you time your trips right. For example, earlier this summer we knew we were going to be staying at Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville, CA for a month and that put us about half an hour from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Instead of purchasing single day tickets at $49 each, we took advantage of Six Flag’s upgrade offer and got a season pass instead for only $10 more! So for an additional $30 (me and the girls are the only amusement park attendees, as Greg prefers to sneak away and pan gold in a nice cool stream instead of sweltering in the heat with us all day) we not only had the option of going to the park as many times during our month’s stay, but we also got coupons for free guests that allowed the girls to invite quite a few of their new friends at the campground to come along with us!

But it gets even better!

We definitely got our money’s worth out of the passes during our stay, but as it turns out, as we make our southerly trek for the winter, we will once again be stopping in the Vallejo, CA area during the month of October. And that means – Halloween Fright Fest here we come!

So right now the girls are counting down the days until we get to visit the park again – this time with goblins and ghosts in full force and it won’t cost us a dime! (Well, we won’t talk about souvenirs and food – but you get my point lol)

Once again, looking beyond a physical residence mentality – we’ve discovered a way to take advantage of the same benefits the locals get while enjoying life on the road!

If you have a similar tip – please feel free to leave a comment and share your ideas!

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