Halloween Fright Fest At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Was A Scream!

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The day, the weather and the company couldn’t have been more perfect for our trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and their annual Fright Fest celebration. The night before, the girls and I made orange and black Halloween t-shirts with glitter iron-on designs we bought at Michael’s. (Super high-quality designs for the price, I might add!)

So bright and early (ok, it was 10:30 am – but for Morgan that’s the crack of dawn) we got into our Halloween wear and Marina sent a text to our two guests – Jackie & Cinty – that we were ready to roll. Of course, the girls’ friends were waiting outside before I even got the door of our motorhome open – everyone was pretty excited to say the least.

The girls all met earlier in the summer at Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville, and have stayed in close contact all summer. The reunion was fun enough, but when we surprised them and offered to treat them to a day at the park with us – they were almost speechless.

So with 4 young ladies in tow, we headed off to the park with plans of what to ride first, where to eat and the usually pre-arrival excitement. And as we rounded the final curve on highway 80 in Vallejo, and the coasters on the horizon came into full view – everyone was screaming with delight.

But that was only the start of the scream fest – after all, there were zombies, ghosts, thrills and more awaiting us!

As soon as the park opened, we headed straight for the Tony Hawk ride, (lines get real long real fast for that) and we nearly walked on – so we kicked off the day of coaster riding in style. Following that, we hit the wooden coasters, and then a mandatory stop to see Terry – the oldest dolphin in captivity at age 50 – and since we were there for Terry’s birthday earlier in the summer Morgan had to stop by the tank and see her special friend.

The first half of the day, while daylight, we focused on getting as many rides in as possible – and by nightfall, no one had any favorite that they missed – we hit ‘em all at least once! And even though the park was more crowded than we’d ever seen it (we don’t go to parks on weekends in the summer LOL) we didn’t have to go at a break neck speed to get all our riding in.

In fact, as we strolled, we were also indulged with “Twick or Tweet” in Looney Toons Seaport. There were multiple trick or treat stations and bags were given out followed by gob (yes, I mean overflowing handfuls) of M & M’s and Skittles, and more… (not surprisingly Snickers was the sponsor). With bags brimming, we stopped at the cookie decorating station and then off to stow all our loot in the lockers.

Then, as dusk fell, the spooktacular began – and Six Flags did it up right! And even though my 4 gals were up for the blood and gore – what I thought was particularly nice was the attention given to designated “safe zones” for the kiddies including which paths to take to avoid anything that might traumatize the little ones.

My favorite of all was the scare zones that had strolling zombies, fog, and lots of chainsaws and rattling. There was one zombie who’s head was enclosed in a cage that chased Marina half way down the path – but as I was laughing hysterically at her screams, another zombie in chains did a 10 foot slide on the pavement right along side of me and I about jumped a mile. Which everyone in our group found far more hilarious than anything else.

There were also 2 haunted houses and an outdoor haunted trail – all of which were chock full of scares around each and every corner. My favorite was Slasherville – the room to room setup was perfect for turning a corner into a fright and it got all of us at one point or another. And rounding out the events, there was a funeral procession and a mock hanging in the square (another “stay away” zone for the younger crowd per Six Flags warnings). Done with flair and style – including the backdrop of the water fountain shooting red glowing water into the air during this time of year.

After a 10 hour day, everyone was duly tired and left the park at close with a ton of memories (and candy) in tow! What a great way to enjoy visits with great friends and say our goodbyes to the Bay Area as we head further south for the winter.

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  • Melanie @TravelToast.comNo Gravatar says:

    Just found your site via Families on the Road. Are you still in California?

    We just wrapped up our first year on the road (with four kids) and we’re taking a break in Texas.

    Take care!

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